The Latest Scams
Scams are common. For background check the scam resources listed below.
A convincing unsolicited e-mail or phone call is the sign of a professional scammer.
Specific Scams
November 2010
Winnipeg Granny Scams
Mortgage Telemarketing Scam
Craigslist renting scam
Tax scam reminder
Phishing scam targets military
SEC warns of oil spill investment scams
Home repair scams
Holiday shopping scams
February 2010
Beware of Haiti Scams
More Haiti charity scams (CBS News)
Haiti scams already starting
Mayo Clinic: Penis enlargement scams
Fed warns of top 5 mortgage scams
Don't fall victim to scams in 2010
Tax scams
Bank president warns about scams
December 2009
Dangerous Flu Scams
FDA Cracking down on flu scams (Time)
How long distance scams work (From How Stuff Works)
Domain registration scams
Loan modification scams
Tiger Woods accident sparking BlackHat SEO scams
How to find reputable charities and avoid scams
This year's top ten scams
Work-at-home scams
McAfee's 12 online scams of Christmas
Seven top scams that target seniors
Be on the lookout for santa scams
U.S. Mint breaks up credit reward scams
Avoid gift card scams
September 2009
Scams targeting college students
Google cash scams
Stimulus scams
Nigerian scams evolve
Federal job scams
Foreclosure prevention scam
Scam targets veterans' credit cards
August 2009
Text message scam
July 2009
Bank Fraud Scheme
Bogus Cash for Clunkers Programs
Bogus Debts of the Deceased
Debit Card Scams
The Grandchild Scam Again
High Quality Bogus Checks
Medical clinic Scam
Mortgage Lending Scam
Scam Magazine Sales
Social Security Numbers Compromised
June 2009
Another Roofing Scam
Credit card scams on Cell Phones
Gypsy Scam
Puppy Sale Nigeria Scam
Rental Deposit Scam
Residential Security Scam
Scam Posing as Microsoft Update
Student Financial Aid Scam
Summary of Current Scams
The Surveyor Scam
April 2009
Another Grandma Phone Scam
Auto warranty Scams
Black Churches Swindled
Internet ticket scams
Mortgage Fraud
Phoney Waiter Scam
Spring Weather Scams
Stimulus scams
Suspicious Activity on Your Credit Card?
Sweepstakes Emails are Always Scams
Sweepstakes Winner Plus a Cashiers Check
VFW Imposter
February 2009
Craig's List Scam
The Granny Scammer
Loan Modification Scams
Property Flipping Scam
Time for Tax Scams Again
Video Terminal Scam
January 2009
Catholics Targeted in Ponzi Scheme
Consignment Fraud
Financial Spammers
Foreclosure Fraud
Gifting Circle Scam
Phony Electronics Sales
Water Company Imposters
Weight Loss Scam
Work at Home Scam
Yet Another Lottery Scam
December 2008
Anti-virus Scam
Craig's List House Rental Scam
Fake Software
Foreclosure Scam
Holiday Lights Scam
Loan Scam
Lottery Scam Again
Small Business Grant Scam
Water Testing Scam
November 2008
Bail for Grandson Scam
Bank Takeovers Prompt Internet Scams
Diverting Charity to Personal Use
Fraud Warning
Reader's Digest Scam
Scareware Scams
Software Registration Scam
October 2008
ATM Scams
Blue Roof Program
Craig's List Scams
Elderly Woman Out Foxes Medicare Scammers
Map Scam
More Phony Grandchildren
Phony Voter Registration
September 2008
Beware of People Who Call and Ask for Money
Home Repair Scam
Lottery Scam Again
Mortgage Scam
Paving Scam
Phony Government Agents
Reshipping Scam
August 2008
Cell Phone Scam
General Warning Against Current Scams
Homeless Insurance Scam
How to Identify Scams
International Driver's License
Mortgage Watchdog Scammer
Phony Bills
Phony GED Exams
Still More Lottery Scam Suckers
Travel Scam
July 2008
Another Fake Check Warning
Another Roofing Scam
Bigfoot Scam?
Bogus Newspaper Ads
International Telephone Scam
More Sweepstakes Scams
Puppy Scams
Senior Citizen Scam
Store Front E-Bay Scam
Summary of E-Mail Scams
July 2008
Crime Stoppers Scammed
Lost Pet Scam
Mystery Shopper Scam Again
Powerball Scam
Psychics Again
July 2008
Bad Investments
Credit Card Scam
Latest Bank Scam
Medicare Scams
Newspaper Cash Scam
Pet Scam
A Pittsburgh Swindler
Verification Scam
Wire Transfer Scams
April 2008
Adoption Scam
Foreclosure Relief Scammmer Sentenced
Free Cruise Scam
Lego Scam
Sham IRS Rebate
Stolen Gas on Your Credit Card
Stolen Merchandise Sold on Craig's List
April 2008
419 Scams Persist
Domain Registry Scams
Phony Bank Investigator
"Required Poster" Scam
Roller Rink Scam
Roofing Scam
Tax Refund Scams
Top Ten Scams
March 2008
Debit Card Cloning
FTC Warns About Tax Rebate Scams
Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams
Phony Western Union Survey
Small Time Scam Artist
Yo Yo Car Sales
February 2008
81 year old Gets 28 years for Investment Scam
Congressman in Land Scam
Do Banks E-Mail You?
Driveway Scam
It's Phishing Season
Map Scam
More Lottery Scams
Mystery Shopper Scam Again
Nigeria Scammer Arrested
Rental Scam
Will Con Artists Steal Your Tax Rebate?
Extended Auto Warranties
Hospital Job Scam
How to Spot a Scam
Hunting Club Scam
IRS Refund Scams Galore
It's Tax Scam Season
Loan Consolidation Scams
Thieves Distract and Rob Elderly
Tornado Scam
January 2008
Check Washing
Digital TV Accessories
Home Appraisal Scams
Home Building Scammers
Phony Psychic?
Revolutionary Muscle Building Systems
Top Ten Snake Oil Gadgets
Travel Agent ID Cards
Scam Resources
Top ten scams reported to the attorney general
Advice to Avoid Scams - 7/29/2009
Better Business Bureau - Main Page - Locate a Bureau - Nebraska
Confessions of a Car Salesman
Consumerist - blog
How Retirees Can Avoid Scams
Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance - Consumer Education
Protecting Yourself Against Scams
Quackwatch - resource for scams
Quatloos - more on scams
Refdesk - Sociology Links
Spotting Scams
Using Google to Identify Scams